In this article, we'll explain the process for accessing and uploading files within OneDrive.

Accessing OneDrive

  • Sign into using your school email address and password.

  • Once signed in you'll see the screen below with all the Office 365 apps, click onto OneDrive.

Uploading Files

  • Upload a file by clicking upload or click New to create a folder. You can also upload an entire folder to OneDrive.


  • Now select the documents you would like to upload. 

  • You're files are now saved within OneDrive. If the files you've uploaded are Office documents, you'll be able to edit these directly within OneDrive without needing to download them to your device. 

Sharing Files

  • You can also share any files within OneDrive.  To do this, select the share button when hovering over a file or folder. 
  • From here you can share to other users within the organisation by searching for their name or email address. You may also use the copy link function and copy the share link to outside users to access files and folders you wish to share.