Senso is a resource allowing staff to communicate and share resources with student PC's.


  1. To access Senso navigate to in your preferred browser and login by selecting “Login with Microsoft”. Proceed by entering your school/trust email and password. 




2. Your dashboard will appear with similar options to the above. Available groups and classrooms will appear down the left-hand side of the page. Before actioning any process, select a group and select the users you wish to involve. 


Actions available are as follows:





Allow Apps, Ban Resources, Block Internet, Block Keyboard, Block Sound, Broadcast Screen, End Session, Launch App/Web, Live Chat, Lock Screen, Power On, Remote Control, Remote Log On, Send File/Document, Send Message, Session History.


Note: once an action has been selected a the panel on the left hand side will allow you to edit the parameters of the action as well as to ability to “Run” the action.